Burg Herzberg Festival-Party
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Burg Herzberg Festival-Party

Das legendäre Burg Herzberg Festival macht Halt in Fulda! Zum Start des Vorverkaufs für das Festival 2017 findet im Kulturkeller Fulda  am 7. Oktober eine Herzberg-Party statt!


wurde im Jahr 2008 gegründet. 2011 wurde das erste Album „Wight Weedy Wight“ in Eigenregie veröffentlicht.
Ein Jahr später folgte bereits der zweite Langspieler „Through The Woods Into Deep Water“. Nach vielen Support-Gigs und Festival-Auftritten, wie Stoned From The Underground und Desertfest Berlin (beides 2012) und den Plänen europaweit zu touren, verließ der Schlagzeuger plötzlich die Band.
Tabula Rasa – man war müde vom Stoner und Doom, also löste man sich von allen Erwartungen, wie die Musik klingen soll.
Mitte 2013 kam dann ein neuer Drummer und man begann zu touren und Songs zu schreiben. Seit dieser Zeit haben Wight über 100 Gigs in Mittel-, Südosteuropa und Großbritannien
Wight haben sich selbst erneuert. Das Ergebnis ist Album Nummer 3 „Love Is Not Only What You Know“, dass auf einem 8 Spur Kassettenrekorder live aufgenommen wurde. In ihrer neuen Rockmusik spiegeln sich starke Einflüsse von Funk und Fusion-Jazz wider, sowie Elemente aus Welt- und elektronischer Musik.

Samsara Blues Experiment (SBE)

are a German 3-piecewho channel their musical forms in extended forays of psychedelicstonerrock. Founded in 2007 by guitarist/singer Christian Peters, the group plays a mixtureof stoner rock, psychedelic blues, Indian raga, thrash metal and traditional folk. The band iscompleted by bassplayer Hans Eiseltand drummer Thomas Vedder.In their early years SBE have been a very busy touring band.
Their first tour took them allalong the US-Westcoastin March 2009 – the bands ninth show was already at The Echo onLA ́s famed Sunset Boulevard – btw with the release of only one demoin their hands! A fewmonths later, in the Spring of 2010, the now often considered *classic record* „Long Dis-tance Trip“has been released by the small German label World In Sound. More touring onEuropean ground followed in support of bands like Yawning Manand Sons Of Otis.
The second album „Revelation & Mystery“brought even more live activities, along MySleeping Karmaand others in a 30 day busride of their „Up In Smoke“-tour across CentralEurope and several bigger festival appearances at Roadburn, Burg Herzbergand more. Withthe release of their third album „Waiting For The Flood“in 2013, this time on their ownlabel Electric Magic, the band had already become a household name in the „stoner scene“and beyond. Headlining tours and more festival gigs would follow, as well as an appearance in German TV-show „Rockpalast“.
Over the last eight years the band played some of the major festivals on European and US-American ground, rocking Hellfest, Austin Psych Levitation, Psycho CA, Devilstone, Rever-ence Valada, several times at the Desertfestin both London and Berlin, and many othersincluding headlining spots at smaller scene festivals in whole Europe.Press reactions“Germany’s best kept secret – Samsara Blues Experiment bring psychedelic elements incor-porated with fuzzy and bluesy bits, Samsara Blues Experiment put on a performance that’smusically abundant and instrumentally magnificent.”(metal-rules.com)“Now I had observed a few minutes of Samsara Blues Experiment last month at Psycho Cali-fornia, but I hadn’t really had a chance to lose myself in the music. While here I couldn’t helpbut fall in love.
Samsara Blues Experiment are truly that, a blues experiment! It is one that isboth strangely spiritual and oftentimes refreshing. The thing is these guys are turned on to amuch bleaker reality, they understand the primal power of what they’re doing and theychannel it to put out some of the most thought provoking heavy music I’ve heard all year.They push boundaries and they shape unique soundworlds. It’s the kind of thing that hints ata bright future for rock and roll.” (wtfmagazine.com)“These cats put on an extraordinary, mind altering MONSTER show! I cannot even put intowords how mesmerizing their set is.” (Waylon Hatchet, San Francisco)“You may not want to return, as you have found your peace of mind through pictures and vi-sions shown before you in all possible ways of expression.”(Metalpaths, Greece)“
This album demands your time and attention and pulls you away from any other trivial dis-traction. With Black Sabbath now announcing a reformation and new album for 2012 onecan’t help but think that maybe, just maybe they’ve been pipped at the post here by SBE, itreally is that good and that worthy!”(The Sleeping Shaman)

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