Bassy Farewell - Bassy Cowboy Club
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Bassy Farewell - Bassy Cowboy Club

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Bassy Farewell, pt. 1

This will be the last Bassy Saturday! 
We present a huge DJ and band lineup. We want to leave on a high note.



The trio Terrible pours the high percentage without detours directly in the neck and saddle the horse for oblique hellriride by country and rockabilly. Driven by simple but dashing rhythms gallops ahead the dengelnde surf guitar and leaves a trail of dust, sweat and spaghetti.



The Unlimiters are a German ska band from Berlin, formed by members of the German ska band The Essentials. Their music is influenced both by the early years of ska and its later revival in the 2 Tone era. This is mixed with sounds from genres such as soul, surf and dub.


The Soul of Elvis & The Tender Lovin´ Care

Seductive eyes, hip movement and a voice to melt away... 
The musician and actor Nicolas Young shines in the role of the King of Rock and Roll. Solo with guitar and with his band "The Tender Lovin ´Care´. His dazzling charisma and presence lend each event glamor and star appeal. But he not only looks dazzling, but provides real entertainment in the style of the great Elvis Presley in all its facets: humor, charm, passion. Whether with dramatic ballads or sexy rock´n´roll numbers, known as "The Soul Of Elvis" it understands Young to intoxicate his audience and beguile and to create magical moments of intensity.

Mystic N. 
Maya Lansky
Don Rogall 
Frank Popp 
Joe Carrera 
Mr. Garage Records 
Jeanette Tourette 
Johnny No 
Cpt. Twist 
Golby Surround 
Lady Nico 
Koko Temple 
Jungle Julia 
Dusty Ballroom 
Martin Kersten 
Birgit Fassbender
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